10 Replies to “One Geology / Google Earth Mash-up”

  1. The vertical exaggeration in Google Earth (under tools / options) was set to 2 and the layer transparency was set to ~50% (right click on map layer name in places list, select properties and move slider to halfway).

  2. that’s so awesome!!! … I’m one of the FireFox 3 users who is extremely jealous right now … Ian from the OneGeology project commented over at All My Faults… (here) saying that they plan to fix that incompatibility after the Aug 6th Oslo launch.

    In the meantime, if any clever person comes up w/ a workaround, please let the geoblogosphere know.

  3. I tried using the firefox user agent switcher plug-in to fool the site into thinking I was using IE7, I even added a firefox2 agent by hand and tried that. Both get past the “This only works in IE6/7 FF2” page but then fails to get past the OneGeology loading page. I had to go back to using IE7, much as I didn’t want to have to.

  4. One solution if you run firefox 3 is to install flock (flock.com) as well. Since the current version of flock (1.2) is based on ff2, onegeology works (only tested under windows, not mac/linux).
    Not only this but it is much better than with IE7 (unsurprisingly). It will also import all your ff bookmarks/passwords.

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