Silurian Patch Reefs

farley quarry
Visited Wenlock and Ludlow, Shropshire with our first year geology students at the weekend. Both classic sites of British geology. Dusted of the gigapan robotic mount too.
Here is a gigapan of Silurian patch reefs. [Wordpress won’t let me embed gigapans directly into the blog]


The above image is I believe Ketophyllum subturbinatum, a rugose coral. [Hey, I’m a seismologist OK, and I was just there as a driver].

Note that Farley Quarry is private land and access permission should be sought from the owner.

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  1. Ron,

    Can’t seem to login to the forum or find a link for registration.

    I did previously try an embed when writing this post but it contains scripts which doesn’t allow.

  2. Thanks for the comment on UK earthquakes … made me do just a little research ok regional seismotectonics, and I’ve posted that on my blog

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