Manifold Valley

The Manifold Valley is one of Staffordshire’s hidden gems. The valley follows the axis of the Ecton Anticline and it’s narrow valley gorge cutting down through Lower Carboniferous limestones gets deflected by reef knolls and in places disappears down swallets. Last weekend I followed part of the Hamps & Manifold Geotrail which can be downloaded as a pdf from the Staffordshire RIGS website.


manifold section
Images Source: Hamps & Manifold Geotrail, SRIGS

Nan Tor Cave, Locality 13

manifold valley
Manifold Valley near locality 17.

Thor's Cave
Thor’s Cave (probably a corruption of Tor’s Cave).

Thor's Cave Interior
The interior of Thor’s Cave.

View from Thor's Cave
View from Thor’s Cave over Manifold Valley.

Wetton Hill West
View over Peak District from Wetton.

Note: Blogging in April will be light as I’m in the field for most of it.

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