Samoa Earthquake September 29, 2009 Recorded at Keele

Samoa Earthquake September 29, 2009, M 8.0 recorded at Keele University, UK.
20090929 Samoa
20090929 samoa earthquake
20090929 samoa earthquake travel time curve
20090929 samoa earthquake path to keele

This earthquake caused a tsunami which hit the local islands causing at least 65 deaths in Samoa and at least 20 deaths in American Samoa according to the BBC.

It is unusual in that although it occurs close to the trench where the Pacific Plate is subducted beneath the Australian Plate, the faulting mechanism has been determined as being a normal fault rather than a thrust.

Note that as Keele is 15665km as the earthquake travels from the epicentre the first arrival reaching Keele is actually PP, rather than the direct P-wave which is intercepted by the Earth’s core.

The Keele seismic station is part of the UK Seismology for Schools programme.

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  2. what were the effects of the earthquake? how many people died? and there any effects that it will start again and come by hawai or any other islands? and when did you plan on telling america that you saw warnings and waves semisc waves were coming/ in fact u would probaly be helped if u authorized the untied states of america

    1. The affects have been well documented by the News media, e.g. BBC. At the time of writing at least 77 people were reported dead in Samoa, more than 25 in American Samoa and at least six in Tonga according to the BBC.

      There are no effects that “will start again”.

      I didn’t say that “I saw warnings”. These are just recordings of the seismic waves as they arrived in the UK. If you look at the map in the bottom image you will see that the waves arrived in America well before they arrived in the UK.

  3. hello if your on this website plese hear me out. To those who are caught in the tsnami on the september 30th 2009 i am praying for you.
    to those who know me i ask you to please contact me by this #254-577-5604. thank you and please be strong and pray to god that who did not get caught in the storm.

    i am from samoa and iv been living in the united states for four years now

    may the lord be with you and god bless you……………………………

  4. I have never been in a earth quake, i live in Georgia. However the night before this happened, I dreamed it would.

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