Sumatra Earthquake September 30, 3009 Recorded at Keele

Southern Sumatra Earthquake Magnitude 7.6, September 30, 3009 Recorded at Keele University, UK.
20090930 Sumatra Waveform
20090930 Sumatra and 20090929 Samoa Earthquakes
20090930 Sumatra Travel time
20090930 Sumatra to Keele path

So, large earthquakes are like buses. You wait months for one to come along and then two arrive within hours of each other. I used to think that one event couldn’t trigger another at this sort of range but it does look a bit more than coincidence.

Note that this earthquake was deeper than the Samoan one (about 80km down) so the surface waves are much less pronounced. Also, as this event is a bit closer to Keele so we are not in the core shadow and can see the P, PP, S & SS arrivals.

The Keele seismic station is part of the UK Seismology for Schools programme.

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  1. At least 500 dead thousands injured in Padang and neibors city in west sumatara Indonesia. Almost 50% building in the area collapse. Really need attantion from all over the worl to help…please…send by Irfan a Padang local poeple

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