Jan 102010

In a moment of madness I have decided to embark on a flickr 365 project – to take a photograph every day for a year. What else would a geologist take for a theme for such an undertaking but rocks? So project Rock365 was born. I’m now ten days in and beginning to realise the enormity of what I have undertaken. Here are small versions of those first ten …

Rock365 : 01 01 2010 : Ammonites
Rock365 : 02 01 2010 : Sandstone Cairn
Rock365 : 03 01 2010 : Plagiogranite
Rock365 : 04 01 2010 : Blueschist
Rock365 : 05 01 2010 : Rhyolite
Rock365 : 06 01 2010 : Larvikite
Rock365 : 07 01 2010 : Haematite
Rock365 : 08 01 2010 : Chile Saltpeter
Rock365 : 09 01 2010 : Blue John
Rock365 : 10 01 2010 : Sideritic Conglomerate

I’ve decided to put the images on my posterous stream as it is easier to update remotely than this blog. Chris Rowan has kindly added this to his allgeo geoblogosphere feed so you may have seen these already. They can also be found in my Flickr Rock365 set.

Ron Schott is doing something similar over on his Geology Home Companion Blog. Although his images aren’t necessarily being taken on that very day, his daily documentation of outcrops / deskcrops are much more detailed (and prettier) than mine.

I hope you drop by at hypocentre.posterous.com and enjoy a whole year’s worth of rock photos (if I can keep it going that long).

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