Chile Earthquake 27/02/2010 Recorded at Keele

A very large earthquake, at 8.8, the sixth largest since modern seismic recording began around 1900, has struck off-shore southern Chile. More details from the USGS and Ole Nielsen.

At 107° epicentral distance, Keele is just in the shadow zone so the direct P and S-waves are not recorded. However, even at a distance of almost 12,000 km our seismometer went off-scale during the surface wave arrivals.

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  1. Hi, I`m chilean, of the city of Santiago.Already we have 122 people dead.We have no phone lines, the air is full of dust.Now have been 7 replies, 6.2°, 6.0°, 6.0°, 5.6°, 5.5°, 5.4°, 5.4 and 5.2.Sorry if my english is not so good. Bye

  2. earthquake is not a joke. i’m from peru . i’m with you chileans . i share the pain ( just we need hope )

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