Deep Spanish Earthquake M6.3 11/04/2010 Recorded at Keele

An unusual earthquake has just occurred deep below southern Spain. Deep earthquakes are associated with subduction systems and earthquakes extend down to about 660km. This earthquake at magnitude 6.3 and a depth of 617km appears to have occurred on a relict subduction system from the Alboran plate between Spain and North Africa that was subducted beneath southern Spain during the Tertiary. There are suggestions that the subducted Alboran plate has become detached and we are just looking at its death throws as it enters the lower mantle.

Keele is only about 16° away so there are clear P and S arrivals but little in the way of surface waves as the event is so deep.

More information from the USGS here.

3 Replies to “Deep Spanish Earthquake M6.3 11/04/2010 Recorded at Keele”

  1. That’s really strange. Intensities of only III, but covering entire southern Spain. The IGN still lists a magnitude of 4.8 (ML?), while EMSC and USGS report 6.3. I’ve never seen such a big discrepancy in the values…

  2. I think the IGN have it at 6.2 now. It depends on how one calculates the magnitude. The ML magnitude depends on the amplitude of the surface waves, which are small because of the extreme depth.

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