Mar 112011
20110311 Japan Earthquake Recorded at Keele

Just a quick post as I’m teaching all day.

Here is the seismogram of the M8.9 Japan (Near East Coast Honshu) earthquake that occurred at 05:46:23 UTC today 11/03/2011 recorded at Keele University, Staffordshire, UK. Note that even at a quarter of the way round the world from the epicentre our seismogram clips during the surface wave train.

More details from the USGS here.

Mar 072011
West Angle Bay

Ann, at Ann’s Musings on Geology is asking for one’s favourite geological picture (only in American) for this month’s Accretionary Wedge.

I’m late for this one and most of my geology photo archive isn’t on this laptop, so I’m going to go with something that I have to hand. This image is one of my gigapans (in this case a matrix of 16 x 6 photographs stitched together). It shows the foreshore at West Angle Bay, Pembrokeshire, Wales. The view looks westwards towards Milford Haven and shows the Lower Carboniferous Limestone contorted by a series of Variscan thrust related folds. One of the thrust planes is seen in the left of the image, over-steepened by the folding. To the centre of the image are a pair of whaleback periclinal anticlines. The beds then steepen again to vertical on the right via a tight syncline.

But the beauty of a gigapan image is that one can dive in and view the detail like the slickenside lineations on the thrust plane or the writing on the buoy.