Western Mediterranean Earthquake July 7, 2011 Recorded at Keele, UK

After a large earthquake of the other side of the world, this time an earthquake a little closer to home with a magnitude 5.3 tremor occurring in the Western Mediterranean Sea between France and Corsica. There seems to be not much information on this ‘quake. The EMSC indicate that it has a thrust fault mechanism with a northeast-southwest strike. It also appears to be in a region of little recent seismicity.

This event needed a bit of high-pass filtering to get it to stand out from the background noise but the result is clear enough to identify the P-, S-, and Rayleigh wave arrivals and obtain an epicentral distance of about 11-12° from the travel-time curves. Events closer than about 30° tend to have complex waveforms as they are travelling mostly through heterogeneous crust rather than homogeneous mantle.

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