Sumatran Earthquakes 11/04/2012 Recorded at Keele, UK

Two large earthquakes this morning offshore Sumatra, an 8.6 followed by a magnitude 8.2 a couple of hours later. Fortunately, both strike-slip in mechanism so no significant tsunami.

Here are the seismograms from our schools seismometer here at Keele University UK.

Twenty-four hour record
Magnitude 8.6 08:38 11/04/2012
Magnitude 8.2 10:43 11/04/2012

More details from the USGS here and here.

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  1. Just to say thank you for the blog. I came across it while looking for more information about the River Manifold after a blissful Saturday admiring the swallets, and stayed because you’re feeding my amateur interest in geology.

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