Loughborough Earthquakes Recorded at Keele, UK

20130118 loughborough

A couple of recent UK Midlands earthquakes near Loughborough, Leicestershire. The main shock, magnitude 2.9 (above) occurred at 05:20:44 on January 18 and a magnitude 1.3 aftershock (below) at 11:40:04 on January 21, 2013. The first event was widely felt over a 25km radius, with some reports over 50km away.

20130121 loughborough

At 13km depth these are natural earthquakes (with no added fracking involvement). Whilst I am loathed to ascribe UK intraplate seismicity to particular tectonic features, these events would approximately accord with the north eastern margin of the Midlands Microcraton.

More details from the BGS.
January 18
January 21