Best Photographs of 2011

Photographically 2011 was a poor year for me, most of my better shots were taken on a single photoshoot weekend in Liverpool. After Rock365 in 2010 I was a bit jaded photographically and even when I went out I tended not to take the 5D with me. I experimented with a few iPhone pictures and the instagram app which was interesting but they are not good enough to post here. With Rock366 already on the go and a Baltic cruise scheduled for the summer, 2012 already looks like being a better year. However, from the scant pickings of 2011 here are my best five.

New Year's fireworks display, Funchal, Madeira
Dinas Bran, Llangollen
Stained glass window in Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool
Port of Liverpool Building
Altar piece, Catholic Cathedral, Liverpool